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A podcast that blends storytelling and history to explore the mythology at the core of American identity, ideology, and policy.

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America has its own mythology, and it's about much more than fairy tales, religion, or classic history.  

It's our reality and our worldview founded on familiar concepts like freedom, democracy, and opportunity, as well as embedded in our heroes and symbols. There are darker sides to our mythology, too.

Each episode blends history and storytelling to explore unique aspects of American identity and ideology that reveal something about our mythology, but also help frame current social and political issues.

Understanding our mythology is key to discovering who we are and defining who we want to be. 


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Greg Carlock

Greg is the mind and the voice behind American Mythology. He is a researcher by day, and an avid student of history, public policy, culture, and philosophy all the time.  

Greg lives outside Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughters.

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